The MISSION of the Kansas Council for Economic Education (KCEE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to equip Kansas teachers to educate Kansas students (K-12) on the principles of economics and personal finance.

The VISION of the KCEE is to create, through economic and financial literacy education, Kansas students who become:

  • more knowledgeable consumers,
  • wiser savers and investors,
  • more responsible citizens
  • and better employees.

The STRATEGY of KCEE is to equip teachers.  KCEE can effectively reach a greater number and diversity of students – producing a positive long-term impact – by equipping teachers.

KCEE works with individual teachers from public and private schools to help gradually integrate more economic and personal finance concepts into their existing curriculum by providing:

  • Teacher training through credit and non-credit workshops
  • High quality, discounted or free curriculum materials
  • No cost student participation programs and contests
  • Personal assistance to schools
  • and more!