KCEE is affiliated with the Council for Economic Education (CEE), the premier resource for economic and financial literacy resources for K-12 educators. CEE lessons use activities, multimedia content and background readings to give your students an applied, hands-on experience that is classroom tested. 

Drawing on the expertise of university professors, CEE develops and updates K-12 learning materials with a strong interactive component. The curriculum is aligned to national standards in English and math, and with our Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics and the National Standards for Financial Literacy. 

KCEE receives grants and general funding to make these resources available to teachers at workshops or other events.  As an affiliate, we are also able to purchase resources at a discount and then relay that discount on to Kansas schools.  Be sure to place your orders through KCEE.

Virtual Economics:  This interactive tool is a collection of almost all the K-12 resources through CEE at the time of production.  The flash drive contains over 1400 lessons and also helps explain concepts through included videos.  Lessons are searchable by concept and grade level.