Assessment Resources

Economics & Finance Topics

The Council for Economic Education has created a FREE Online Assessment Center (OAC) for teachers can securely administer assessments, gain real-time data, and measure student knowledge and understanding of economic and personal finance concepts.  This resource has information available for Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School and University.

Financial Foundations For Kansas Kids (Ff4Kids) Assessments

The following pre/post test portal was designed for teachers using the Financial Foundations for Kansas Kids courseware in the classroom. This courseware, written for grades K-8, is available at no cost to Kansas schools. Student information is not collected so be sure to note that students must keep score displayed for you to record or print the score page for you.

Stock Market Game Assessments

Teachers using the Stock Market Game with their students have access to pre/post tests by grade division. Teachers must have an active teacher account registration and then log in to access the Teacher Support Center. A link to the assessment instruments can be found in the section titled “In the Classroom” and then click on Assessments.