Spring 2024 Essay Scholarship Contest

Contest Rules:

Students participating in the contest must enter an essay that meets the following requirements:
o A maximum of 1500 words,
o 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins,
o Must be submitted as plaintext
o Each entry must be done individually and independently, representing each student’s own research thinking and writing, and.
o Essay content is at the student’s discretion but must answer the question posed by the Office of the Securities Commissioner. Students may discuss what they hope to implement in their own life from the lessons learned in the financial literacy courses provided by their organization as it pertains to the question posed.

The 2024 question is as follows: If you were given $100,000 dollars today to invest for your future, what would you do with it? Describe how you would invest the money and how it would further your overall financial goals. Choose specific investing strategies and outline how you would employ them to grow your money. Explain the risks and associated frauds with the strategies and investments you have chosen. Finally, describe how investing is important to your overall financial health.

Each student who submits an essay to the contest must be:
o a legal resident of Kansas in grade nine through 12; and
o a participant in the organization’s financial literacy program.

• The Essay will be scored using the following formula for a total of 55 points:
o Clear financial goals (10 points). Student clearly states their financial goals and explains how investing helps them achieve those goals.
o Demonstration of investing plan (15 points). Student outlines a specific and diverse investment strategy and explains why they chose them.
o Knowledge of risk and investment fraud (15 points). Student identifies specific risks and frauds associated with their chosen investment types.
o Overall demonstration of financial literacy (10 points). Student demonstrates a strong understanding of financial literacy topics.
o Grammar and spelling (5 points). Student writes clearly and effectively, with few or no grammatical or spelling errors.

The three students with the top three essays submitted by the Kansas Council on Economic Education will receive the following awards:
o First-place Essay – $5,000
o Second-place Essay – $3,000
o Third-place Essay – $2,000

The First-place essay will be automatically evaluated with essays submitted from other organizations to determine overall statewide scholarship awardees, with the same awards as those at the organizational level (i.e., $5,000 for the statewide first-place essay, $3,000 for the statewide second place essay, and $2,000 for the statewide third-place essay.

Scholarships will be awarded to a Kansas 529 account for use by the student as allowed by law.

Submission to KCEE is required by Friday, February 23. To enter, teachers must submit their student’s essay and entry form (found at link below) online at https://forms.gle/LSB2P6pgmoYr9oFbA Only submissions made before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 23 (Deadline extended to Tuesday, February 27) will be eligible.

Students must complete the form below and return to their teacher to submit with their essay.

Consider these resources when conducting your research:



Contact Charlene Nichols at charlene.nichols@wichita.edu with any questions.