Our mission is to give the next generation the knowledge they will need to improve their financial future and transform the lives of their families and communities. KCEE provides young people the tools to understand the world through the lens of economics and personal finance, helping them make informed decisions, prepare for careers or postsecondary education and understand the economic impact of real-world events. We have a particular focus on ensuring those historically underserved by the financial world have equal access to financial opportunity. We offer opportunities for students K-12 to acquire these critical life skills through programs like the Kansas Economics and Personal Finance Challenges, the Stock Market Game, InvestWrite Essay Competition, LifeSmarts and the K-8 Economics Poster Contest.

Educators change the world. By inspiring and transforming the lives of young people, the work of teachers ripples through all the things their students will go on to do. We help K-12 teachers make that lasting impact by providing free classroom resources and professional development for teaching economics. KCEE’s lessons, webinars, publications, and student activities help teachers inspire students to consider further study and careers in the field of economics while learning to think logically, use data smartly, and build strong analytic and problem-solving skills.

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